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TCA Cellular Therapy, LLC (TCA-CT) is a privately-held bio therapeutic company whose mission is to create and accelerate adult stem cell therapies and to develop next generation treatments for serious and life-threatening diseases.

TCA-CT researchers have developed the technology that simultaneously safeguard the purification and/or expansion of specific types of stem cells present in the patient’s bone marrow and thus assure that the relevant biological characteristics of cells for regeneration and/or repair or replacement are not altered.

The company utilizes proprietary single or a combination of autologous (patient’s own) adult stem cells to treat various diseases related to the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Depending on the Type of Disease, the manufactured cells, either as a single or a combination Cell Product, are administered to the patient utilizing variable infusion routes, which include Intracardiac, Intracoronary, Transendocardial (Noga/Myostar), Intramuscular (Gastrocnemius Area) or Intrathecal.